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General Laboratory Equipment

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Our general laboratory equipment include muffle furnace that is designed for elemental analysis in laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. and vacuum oven that is used for general vacuum drying and heat treatment in the laboratory, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

General Laboratory Equipment

Muffle Furnace

Item No.: ST1222

The muffle furnace is a batch type furnace. It is suitable for elemental analysis in laboratory, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research departments, and to heating treatment including quench, anneal and temper.

Technical Specifications of the Muffle Furnace

Name Temperature/℃ Inner Size/mm Voltage and Power/KW
Muffle furnace 1000℃ 200×120×80 AC220V, 2.5
1200℃ 200×120×80 AC220V ,2.5
1300℃ 250×150×100 AC220V , 4

1. The temperature rises rapidly with less heat loss.
2. It has an ABS controller.

General Laboratory Equipment

Vacuum Oven

Item No.: ST1205

The vacuum oven is used in the laboratory, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other departments of materials for general vacuum drying and heat treatment.

Technical Specifications of the Vacuum Oven
1. Electric power: AC220V 50HZ
2. Input power (W): 250
3. Temperature control range(℃): RT+10~200
4. Wave range (℃): ±1
5. Vacuity: 133Pa
6. Material of the liner: cold rolling plate
7. Size of the liner (mm): 300×295×275
8. Outside size (mm): 585×472×450
9. Net weight: 35kgs

General Laboratory Equipment

Needle Digital Thermometer

We are a professional civil engineering testing equipment manufacturer based in China. We provide a wide range of products , including metal thermometer, infrared thermometer, vacuum pump, vacuum saturator , shovel, mechanical or digital dial gauge, prove ring, riffle sampler, cut ring, moisture can, funnel, load cell, and so on .

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