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Friction Coefficient Meter (Pendulum Type)

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Friction Coefficient Meter (Pendulum Type)

Item No.: ST6003

The friction coefficient meter is used to determine the skid-resistance of highway pavement projects.

Technical Specifications of the Friction Coefficient Meter
1. Weight of pendulum: 1500g
2. Moment of pendulum's barycenter: 410mm
3. Face-on static pressure on pavement: 22.2N
4. Distance between edge and center of pendulum: 508mm
5. Pendulum's sliding distance on pavement: 126mm

As a China-based friction coefficient meter manufacturer, we also produce 10kn bench triaxial apparatus, digital Marshall stability tester, full automatic compression testing machine, Los Angeles splitter abrasion testing machine, full automatic pneumatic consolidation apparatus, etc.

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