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Non-Nuclear Density Apparatus

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Non-Nuclear Density Apparatus

Item No.: ST5031

The non-nuclear density apparatus contains no radioactive exposure, so no licensing or special training is required! Your entire team can be quickly trained and ready to perform QC measurements at a moment's notice.

The Model 2701-B is a lightweight, non-nuclear density apparatus for measuring the uniformity of asphalt pavement. The measurements are practically instantaneous when the apparatus is placed on the asphalt surface. Areas of segregation, low density, or other non-uniformity are easily detected by the apparatus, which allows the operator to correct the problem before construction is complete. The advanced software, built-in reference plate and enlarged display screen are some of the features that make the 2701-B the most user friendly non-nuclear asphalt quality control device available today.

An improved sensor cover has been added to the non-nuclear density apparatus and offers the following features:

1. The non-nuclear density apparatus has a simple, self-adhesive disc design using upgraded materials.
2. It offers easy field replacement and installation.
3. It has a longer life than the original design.
4. The non-nuclear density apparatus has a cost-effective replacement kit.

We are a professional non-nuclear density apparatus manufacturer based in China. We not only provide non-nuclear density apparatus, but full automatic compression testing machine, digital multifunction electric compactor, Los Angeles splitter abrasion testing machine, digital Marshall stability tester, air entrainment meter, and other related products.

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