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Soil and Civil Engineering Apparatus

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  • Triplex Consolidation Apparatus The triplex consolidation apparatus is used for doing compression tests of the soil. It is used to determine the relation between the distortion and the pressure or between the porosity ratio and the pressure ...
  • Full Automatic Pneumatic Consolidation Apparatus The pneumatic consolidation apparatus performs consolidation tests by using the latest techniques in mechanism, electronics, automation, transducer and computer, automatic load and unload, data acquisition ...
  • Electric Strain Unconfined Compression TesterThe electric strain unconfined compression tester is used to determine un-confined compression strength of cohesive and semi-cohesive soils. The test is used to supply information needed for the design ...
  • Digital Electric Strain Direct Shear ApparatusThe digital electric strain direct shear apparatus is driven by a stepper motor and controlled by a microprocessor system, with load cell and linear electronic transducers to operate independently to perform standard ...
  • Liquid Plastic Limit United Device (Digital) The liquid plastic limited united device is used to determine liquid and plastic limits of soil, to provide reliable data to classify soil types, and calculate the natural consistency and plasticity index.
  • Liquid Limit Test Set Item No.: ST1010
    The liquid limit test set is equipped with 10 pcs moisture tins, 1 mixing dish, 1 spatula, 1 glass plate, and 1 graduated cylinder of 250ml. ...
  • Disc Type Liquid Limit DeviceThe liquid limit device contains a brass pan, used to accommodate soil specimens, a base made from fine vulcanite, an impacting device (a cam used to set the distance between the pan and the base at 1 cm) ...
  • Falling Head Soil PermeameterThe falling head soil permeameter is convenient to disassemble and assemble and has equable stress.
    Use the hand-wheel to do the rotary extrusion in the center.
  • Constant Head PermeameterThe constant head permeameter is used to determine the penetration coefficient when the sand soil and the incoherence soil which has few broken-stones to carry on the permeability test under constant head.
  • Sand Cone Test SetsThe sand cone test set is used to determine the density of original state grit quality soil. It is the main equipment of the mortar density test.
    Density test sets include sand container, funnel and base.
  • Relative Density Apparatus (Motorized)The relative density apparatus is used to test the relative density of non-cohesion soil, which granular diameter is no better than 5mm.
    Determine the max density and void ratio ...
  • CBR Machine (Dial Gauge)The CBR machine features a rigid two-column frame with upper cross-beam, which can be adjusted in height and locked in position with locknuts. The driven force is provided by a linkage of motor ...
  • Field CBR Test SetThe use of the in-situ field CBR test set on road construction contracts enables the bearing capacity of soils to be determined quickly and efficiently with minimum delay to contracting plants.
  • K-30 Plate Load Test The plate load test is used to estimate bearing capacity of road base or ground base, which is filled and compacted with coarse and fine grained soil. It can also be used to count deformation modulus of even groundsill.

We are a professional manufacturer of soil and civil engineering apparatus based in China. Our company is engaged in the production and sales of hydraulic compression testing machine, full automatic pneumatic consolidation apparatus, 10kn bench triaxial apparatus, Los Angeles splitter abrasion testing machine, digital Marshall stability tester, etc.

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