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Precision Moisture Teller

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Precision Moisture Teller

Item No.: ST1048

1. The halogen heating provides quick, even heating and accurate moisture determination results.
2. The moisture teller has a clear display that can directly show all kinds of determination data and status.

The moisture teller can be used to test the free moisture rate in the food industry, pharmacy, chemical industry, fuel, finished products, semi-manufactured goods, tobacco, paper making, granules and flour goods. It can also be used in the industries of mining, agriculture, and scientific research.

Technical Parameters of the Precision Moisture Teller
1. Max loading: 110g
2. Scale division: 5mg
3. Reading range of surveyor's rod: 0-1g
4. Accuracy: ±0.2%
5. Adjusting temperature range: 200℃
6. Pan diameter: ¢85mm
7. Power and power consumption: 220V 50Hz
8. Output interface: RS232C
9. Net size: 33*20*20CM
10. Net weight: 6KGS

As a professional precision moisture teller manufacturer based in China, we also offer full automatic pneumatic consolidation apparatus, 10kn bench triaxial apparatus, digital display hydraulic compression testing machine, Schmidt hammer, jaw crusher, and more.

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