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Full -Automatic Triaxial Test Set

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Full -Automatic Triaxial Test Set

Manufacturing License for China Industrial Products (XK07-003-00014)

Item No.: ST1034-1A 10KN Load Frame for Automatic Triaxial Test
Item No.: ST1034-1B 30KN Load Frame for Automatic Triaxial Test
Item No.: ST1034-1 C 60KN Load Frame for Automatic Triaxial Test

1. The triaxial test set is controlled by a single-chip computer.
2. The data setting of confining pressure and back-pressure is by key-board input.
3. The elevation of the main frame is controlled. The main frame is driven by servo motor and the shearing rate is variable.

The triaxial test set is used to determine the strength and deformation characteristics of soil specimens. It is used to perform unconsolidated-undrained shear test (UU), consolidated-unstrained shear test (CU) and consolidated-drained shear test (CD).

Technical Specifications of the Triaxial Test Set
1. Specimen size: Φ39.1×80mm
2. Axial load: 0-10KN; Accuracy: ±1%
3. Shearing rate (mm/min): 0.001-2.4mm/min
4. Confining pressure: 0-1 Mpa
5. Back pressure: 0-1 Mpa
6. Pore water pressure: 0-1Mpa
7. Volume change range: 0-50ml

Pressure Cell for the Triaxial Test System

Item No.: ST1034-2A 50mm Pressure Cell
Item No.: ST1034-2B 70mm Pressure Cell
Item No.: ST1034-2C 100mm Pressure Cell
Item No.: ST1034-3A Φ39.1×80mm Pressure Cell
Item No.: ST1034-3B Φ61.8 ×125mm Pressure Cell
Item No.: ST1034-3C Φ101×220mm Pressure Cell

Accessories for Making Samples used in the Triaxial Test System

  • Saturator
    Item No.: ST1034-4A
  • Compactor
    Item No.: ST1034-4B
  • Membrane Tube
    Item No.: ST1034-4C
  • Soil Cutter
    Item No.: ST1034-4D
  • Split Mold
    Item No.: ST1034-4E
  • Vacuum Saturator
    Item No.: ST1034-4F

We are a professional full-automatic triaxial test set manufacturer based in China. Our primary products include full automatic compression testing machine, 10kn bench triaxial apparatus, hydraulic compression testing machine, digital Marshall stability tester, Los Angeles splitter abrasion testing machine, digital multifunction electric compactor, and full automatic pneumatic consolidation apparatus.

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