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CBR Machine (Dial Gauge)

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CBR Machine (Dial Gauge)

Manufacturing License for China Industrial Products (XK07-003-00014)
Item No.: ST1021A

The CBR machine features a rigid two-column frame with upper cross-beam, which can be adjusted in height and locked in position with locknuts. The driven force is provided by a linkage of motor, worm and worm wheel housed in the base cabinet, which also accommodates the motor and the electric panel. It can be operated by both motor and manual handle.

Technical Specifications of the CBR Machine
1. Max. load: 30KN capacity
2. Test speed:
1 mm/min (BS model)
or 1.27 mm/min (ASTM/EN model)
3. Size of the penetration rod: Dia. 50×100mm

Main frame (mm): 560×450×1080
Controller (mm): 570×490×330

CBR Mold and Accessories

Supplied with the following parts

Item NO: ST1021C One mould(diameter 152mm and height 177.8mm),
Item NO: ST1021D One dial gauge(10x0.01mm),
One tripod,
One spacer disc with T handle,
One swell plate(1.1kg),
8 split surcharge weights ( total weigh t 9.08kg).

  • CBR Cylinder Mold with Base and Collar
    Item No.: ST1021C
  • Spacer Disc
    Item No.: ST1021E
  • Perforated Plate
    Item No.: ST1021F
  • Split Surcharge Weight
    Item No.: ST1021G
  • Holder for Dial Gauge
    Item No.: ST1021H
  • Dial Gauge
    Item No.: ST1021L

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