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Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine (Digital Display and Motorized)

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Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine (Digital Display and Motorized)

Item No.: ST8021

1. Screw pole automatically moves, and the hydraulic control system is very efficient.
2. The hydraulic compression testing machine is an economic machine and ideal for site use.
3. It is designed to meet the need for a simple, economic and reliable means of testing concrete.
4. The dimensions of the frame allow the testing of cylinders up to 320 mm long x 160 mm diameter, and cubes 200mm, 150mm or 100 mm square, 50 mm/2 in. square mortar cubes, 40 x 40 x 160 mm mortar and any arbitrary size.
5. The hydraulic compression testing machine's digital readout is a microprocessor controlled instrument which is fitted as standard to all digital machines in the range.
6. The calibrated accuracy and repeatability is better than 1% over the upper 90% of the working range.

The hydraulic compression testing machine is designed to conduct compression and crushing strength tests on containers, concrete cubes and cylinders, hollow blocks and various other materials in accordance with the International standard. The machine is electro-hydraulically operated. The control panel consists of a hydraulic power pack, digital readout system, operating switches, load control valves, and output print-out of test data.

Technical Specifications of the Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine
1. Max. Testing power: 2000KN
2. Measuring range: 0-2000KN
3. Relative indication error: ± 1%
4. Max. distance between the up and down bearing plates: 310mm
5. Max. piston stroke: 90mm
6. Diameter of the piston: Φ250mm
7. Rated pressure of the hydraulic pump: 40Mpa
8. Power: AC380 or AC220V±5% 50Hz
9. Outside size: 950×400×1560mm
10. Max. piston lift speed: 50mm/min.
11. Piston free back speed: 20mm/min.
12. Net weight: about 850KGS
13. Noise: ≤ 80Db

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