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Full Automatic Compression Testing Machine (Normal)

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Full Automatic Compression Testing Machine (Normal)

Item No.: ST8016

1. The space adjusting and test processes can be controlled by the software and the test result could be transferred to the software in the computer for further analysis.
2. It is the most advanced series in hydraulic compression testing machines.
3. The compression testing machine is used in different steel works, engineering areas, quality control departments, universities and institutes as well as other areas and works.
4. It is a fully computer controlled testing process.
5. The compression testing machine offers stable and reliable high intensity structure load frame.
6. The real time display software provides an accurate track of the testing process.
7. The powerful multifunctional control software will provide more testing methods and standards.
8. The compression testing machine offers overload protection for the safety of the operators.
9. It offers safe and reliable software interface and control and can prevent mistakes in operation during the test stage which could cause damage to the testing machine. It can quickly and easily edit customized test reports in an EXCEL format.

The computer controlled compression testing machine is used to test the compression strength of cement, concrete, rocks, and bricks. It can perform a shear test, anti-break test and elastic modules test of concrete with special compression fixtures and measurement assembly.

Technical Specifications for the Full Automatic Compression Testing Machine
Max. Testing power: 2000KN
Measuring range: 0-2000KN
Relative indication error: ±1%
Max. distance between the up and down bearing plates: 310mm
Max. piston stroke: 300mm
Diameter of the piston: Φ250mm
Rated pressure of the hydraulic pump: 40Mpa
Power: AC380 or AC220V±5% 50Hz
Main frame: 600×600×2000mm
Control console: 1050×650×860mm
Max. piston lift speed: 50mm/min.
Piston free back speed: 20mm/min.
Net weight: about 1650KGS
Noise: ≤ 80Db

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