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  • In addition to high quality products, we at offer complete services, including a one-year product warranty, consultation, installation and operator training. In addition, we provide operators with English instructions so that they can use our test equipment perfectly. A small quantity of free wearing parts and OEM service are also available.

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Material Testing Machine, Soil and Civil Engineering Apparatus Manufacturer in China

We are a Chinese manufacturer of civil engineering test equipment that is used in countless quality control processes. Since 1981, we have been consistently providing customers with a wide range of outstanding soil and civil engineering apparatus, material testing machine, cement and concrete testing machine, Asphalt and Asphalt Mixture Testing machine, general laboratory equipment, and more. Over the three few decades, we have contributed to the completion of many key national and international projects, such as the Hangzhou Bay Bridge project, the Cuban educational engineering project aided by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and the Congo-Kinshasa highway construction project aided by China.

Main Products
    1. Digital Display Tensile Testing Machine
    2. Digital Display Tensile Testing MachineDigital display tensile testing machine is used for testing tension power of both metallic and non-metallic materials such as rubber, plastic, textiles, waterproofing material...
    1. Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine (Digital Display and Motorized)
    2. Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine (Digital Display and Motorized) The hydraulic compression testing machine is designed to conduct compression and crushing strength tests on containers, concrete cubes and cylinders ...
    1. Fully Automatic Pneumatic Consolidation Apparatus
    2. Fully Automatic Pneumatic Consolidation ApparatusThe fully automatic pneumatic consolidation apparatus can perform consolidation tests by combining latest technique in mechanism, electronics, automation, transducer...
    1. 10kn Bench Triaxial Apparatus
    2. 10kn Bench Triaxial Apparatus The bench triaxial apparatus is used to determine the strength and deformation characteristics of the soil specimen. It is used to perform unconsolidated-unstrained shear test (UU), consolidated-unstrained shear test (CU), and consolidated-drained shear test (CD).
    1. Digital Multifunction Electric Compactor
    2. Digital Multifunction Electric Compactor The multifunction electric compactor automatically compacts specimens, eliminating the laborious hand compaction method .The height and weight of the rammer is adjustable to suit test requirements.
    1. Multifuctional Concrete Core Drilling Machine
    2. Multifuctional Concrete Core Drilling MachineThe concrete core drilling machine, which combines high speed cutting technology and thin walled diamond bits, is used to drill and core in building works, equipment installation projects and construction inspection projects.
    1. Digital Marshall Stability Tester
    2. Digital Marshall Stability Tester The Marshall stability tester is equipped with one S shape load cell and double displacement sensors.
      Peak value is automatically preserved.
      The principal axis automatically descends after printing.
    1. Los Angeles Splitter Abrasion Testing Machine
    2. Los Angeles Splitter Abrasion Testing Machine The Los Angeles splitter abrasion testing machine is used as a quality control tool for aggregates, including crushed rock, gravel and slag. The testing method determines the degradation when subjected ...
    1. Friction Coefficient Meter (Pendulum Type)
    2. Friction Coefficient Meter (Pendulum Type) Weight of pendulum: 1500g
      Moment of pendulum's barycenter: 410mm
      Face-on static pressure on pavement: 22.2N
      Distance between edge and center of pendulum: 508mm